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Establishment of Al Bushra and its business activities:

Since its founding in 2012 in Jordan, Al Bushra has been involved in the business of Industrial and Institutional detergents and disinfectants for the Jordan market.

During the 5 years we have been catering for the Jordan markets, we have strived to establish and maintain in Jordan a wide spectrum of good potential clientele. The driving force to that was the consistent product quality we sell and to our marketing strategy that discloses us as customer-oriented company, where the problem of the customer also becomes ours. This of course would also mean that we are providing very good after-sales service to our clients.

With regard to all persons working at Al Bushra, and who are implementing the marketing strategy and policies of the company to maintain very good clientele relationship at all levels, we very well understand the importance of the integrity and common values of them all. And while we are emphasizing on the spirit of team work, we at the same time encourage our people to endeavor to achieve progress and sustainable growth which shall reflect on the consistent development of Al Bushra and its employees at the same time.
Al Bushra is looking forward to represent manufacturers and suppliers of various cleaning Supplies and professional cleaning machines and systems.
  • Jordan-Amman-Jabal Amman-Jordan Insurance building (B)-4th Floor
  • 009624616248
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  • PO-Box :182024 1118 Amman-Jordan
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