Our Services

At Al Bushra we provide the following superior services to satisfy our customers’ needs and requirements:

Dispensing Innovation:

Warewash dispenser for almost any application, dish machine or kitchen size. From small basic units for simple applications to large units with patented features. Choose the dispenser right for you with superior features like auto switching to reduce service calls, quick change pumps and pump tubes for faster service, and magnetic field sensor for quicker installation.Our dispensers are designed to lower your total cost.

On-Premise and Commercial Laundry Dispensers:

Laundry systems for large volume commercial and industrial laundries, large to small on-premise commercial and institutional laundries and systems for home-style, self-serve and coin-operated laundries. Dispenser systems are designed to handle virtually any commercial laundry machine and facility from machines handling less than 100 pounds (45 kg) to facilities handling tens of thousands of pounds per day. Dispenser systems incorporate a modular design to vary the number of pumps / chemicals and up to 4 different pump sizes to handle many different volume applications. A modular design is used for programming and for data recording and management, giving you superior flexibility and cost control.

The features include:

  • AUTO FORMULA-SELECT: Allows laundry machine microprocessor to choose formula soil classification by sending an appropriate length signal to main control board.
  • RELAY: Allows laundry machine microprocessors to control all functions of the dispenser. Will accept any number of programs sent by the laundry microprocessor.
  • SEQUENCE: Used on non-programmable, fixed time, and older machines that do not have adequate programming functions. Operates by counting drain closings and pumping pre-determined amounts of product at correct drain closing.
  • MANUAL FORMULA-SELECT: 9 formula keypads allow non-microprocessor laundry machines to have specific formulas for various soil classifications. Both keypads have bleach defeat and emergency stop buttons.

Regular Weekly Visits

Complementary Technical Training for all technical employees in the Kitchen, Laundry and Household sections

A Complementary Training Workshop to the employees at the different departments

Regular Maintenance

Complementary Guidelines’ Stickers for all sections (Laundry, Kitchen and Household)

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