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From guest rooms to restrooms, from fitness to dining rooms, you’ve got cleaning challenges and Zealx housekeeping products can help.

Our Products

All Purpose Cleaner

A multi-purpose, pleasant smelling cleaner that is gentle on surfaces & strong enough to remove heavy grease, dirt, light scales and different stains and soils leaving surfaces clean with a pleasant & fresh smell.

Size: 1, 5 & 20 Ltr

Bathroom Cleaner, De-Scaler, Sanitizer & Deodizer

A fast-acting and effective cleaning agent; with a special liquid formula for cleaning, descaling, deodorizing and sanitizing bathrooms in hotels, hospitals and other public buildings. Its acidic components help remove toilet bowl stains as well as hard water deposits, soap scum and oils from all bathroom surfaces.

Size: 1 Ltr

Carpet Shampoo

A concentrated carpet cleaner for cleaning all types of washable carpets. Removes greases and all heavy soiled stains & is safe on all synthetic and natural fibers.

Size: 5 Ltr

Concentrated Air Freshener

A long lasting, concentrated air freshener with different natural smells. It does not cover unpleasant smells but rather eliminates it. Suitable for use in rooms, bathrooms and public areas.

Size: 5 Ltr

Concentrated General Disinfectant

A concentrated, pleasant-smelling liquid antiseptic and disinfectant, suitable to use on all surfaces, floors, bathrooms, toilet bowels and drains.

Size: 5 Ltr

Concentrated Glass Cleaner

Is a concentrated glass cleaner that quickly and safely removes dirt, fingerprints, light oils and grease off of all surfaces with a streak-free finish

Size: 5 & 20 Ltr

Floor & Tiles Wax

A quick-to-dry, water and detergent-resistant wax product: This high gloss cleaning detergent consists of a blend of different types of wax, specially formulated for marble and granite walls, floors and staircases leaving them clean and brilliantly shiny.

Size: 20 Ltr

Foam Hand Wash

A personal disinfecting, hand washing foam: Ideal for removing oils, grease and organic soils from the skin. It contains softening and anti-irritant agents, making it perfect for sensitive skin. Suitable for use at: hotels, homes, schools, clinics, hospitals, food preparation and processing areas.

Size: 1 Ltr

Leather Polish

Special formula for polishing leather material.
Dries quickly leaving a thin shine layer.

Size: 750 ml

Liquid Hand Wash

A concentrated liquid hand wash available in different colors including white, green and red ideal for removal of oils, grease and organic soils from the skin. It contains softening and anti-irritant agents making it perfect for sensitive skin. Suitable for use at home, schools, clinics, hospitals, food preparation, processing areas & hotels.

Size: 1 & 5 Ltr

Liquid Wood Polish

A quick-to-dry liquid formula for polishing and protecting wooden surfaces with a clean and shiny finish.

Size: 5 Ltr

Marble Polishing Liquid

A liquid marble polish transforms the marble layer to shiny.
It is not a wax, it’s crystallizer. When any area loses its shine, you can only re-crystalize this area with no need for all surface.

Size: 5 Ltr

Rust & Scales Remover

A liquid toilet cleaner, especially formulated for the removal of rust and scales with a nice smell. It contains corrosion inhibitors, to keep the toilet luster and shine & safe on all types of metals including stainless steel.

Size: 650 ml

Stainless Steel Polish

A special formula that polish & protects. Suitable for use with stainless steel, chrome & brass. Repels dust, moisture & fingerprint.

Size: 750 ml

Surface Cleaner & Sanitizer

A special bleach-free & fragrance-free formula used for the effective cleaning & sanitizing of all surfaces (e.g. food preparation tables and cutting boards) in food processing plants, hospitals, hotels & schools.

Size: 750 ml

Wax Stripper

A special blend for the removal of old wax layers from tiles before the application of a new wax layer.

Size: 20 Ltr

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